Friday, April 29th, 2022

Materials and Styles Study – Part 1

After studying all the aspects of creating digital art – now it’s time to practice various styles!

In the first part of this 3-part mini series, we will study talented artists throughout history that became popular due to their styles of art.

Please watch the below videos examining these artists, and write down the names of the artists whose styles you find interesting and want to explore more later. You will need to select 2 artists whose styles you want to practice.


Your practice assignment:

Based on what you would like your final project to be (for example fabric design, elements for branding packages, illustrations for books, nft projects, game design, etc), practice making 2 images for your project idea – but mimic the styles of 2 artists that stood out to you in the above videos. The subject of these 2 images can be anything you like, but should be on the route to developing/assisting the development of your final project.

For example, pretend are developing branding packages for Vincent Van Gogh and also Katsushika Hokusai, and needed supporting image elements for each – you can create 1 of these images for each, copying their style.

Hold onto your practice assignments for now – I will be emailing you soon, when you’ll be able to submit them.

In our next 2 classes, we’ll be looking at, and practicing, the styles we see used in our publications!


Update: If you find WhatsApp easier to use than email, for sending me a quick question, you can message me at: 1-778-400-4443