Tuesday, April 19th, 2022

Anatomy Part 1: Faces

Using all the skills learnt so far:

  • deconstruction – finding shapes and angles to plan your image
  • value blocking – fill in those shapes with clear light to dark differences in greyscale
  • edge planning – control what specific part of your image is in focus, soften the rest
  • light and shadow control – environmental control, i.e.: what time of day is it?
  • Optional: color (you can do these in black and white)

Complete the following exercises:

Tips to remember: Look for the shapes of what is dark and light, don’t get distracted by what that feature of the face is. Also, flip the canvas horizontally to get a fresh take on your image, to see if it matches the reference photo (how to do this, and also how to find the ‘liquify’ type tool for your program is in the resource links located in the first assignment of this workbook. Dive into those resources to find where these features are located for you).