Story XP+

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April 5 - 7, 2024

Adult Ticket (ages 19 and above)

Includes 2 Programs:

Essential Art Skills
for Storytelling

by Golden Ratio Academy

- AND -

Story Xperiential

Adult Ticket

by X in a Box

On-Demand Self-Paced Study
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    May 9, 2024

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    This course has been carefully developed
    to prepare you for a rewarding journey
    in the Story Xperiential program
    What you are going to learn

    In this course...

    Elevate your artistry and excel in the world of storyboarding and beyond!
    Do you want to:
    • Be able to visually express your stories in a way that will move your audiences?
    • Go behind the storytelling scenes at Pixar and learn from the pros - not only from Pixar, but also Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks, Netflix, Baobab Studios and others?
    • Connect with a supportive artistic community who are also in the program?

    If you answered 'yes' to any of those, this is the educational bundle for you!!

    Whether you use pencils or paint or create art digitally, everyone will benefit from the concepts taught in these 2 programs.

    In our Essential Art Skills program, you will embark on an immersive artistic journey that will enhance your storytelling abilities and empower you to create extraordinary visual experiences.

    You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the art fundamentals necessary for storytelling. From character design to composition, color theory and lighting, you will learn how to visually express your narratives with depth and meaning. 

    But that's not all!

    You will also have access to the incredible Story Xperiential program. This online experience takes you behind the scenes at Pixar and introduces you to world-class storytellers, while you create a storyreel of your very own short story.

    Along the way you'll also have access to livestream discussions with pros from Pixar, Blue Sky Studios, Dreamworks, Netflix, Baobab Studios and more! 

    Come join us on this journey!

    You will soon possess the skills and knowledge to unleash your creativity and bring your stories to life like never before.

    Important Info:

    •  This bundle gives you access to: 

      1. Essential Art Skills for the Storytelling - Adult Access (located here at this website)

      2. Story Xperiential program
      - Adult Access (located at

      3. Livestreams with Industry Professionals.
       Join live and get your questions answered, or watch the replays

      4. Discord community access
      - Adult Access. Available to students and instructors in BOTH these programs
    • Important! 
      All content, including any content you share in our Discord chat space, must be G-rated. We are a family-friendly program.
    • Plan ahead! 
      • What time of the day, or day of the week you will reserve for yourself, for your artistic professional development?
      • Put your new professional development schedule in a calendar that will send you automatic reminders.
    • Taking this course to improve your digital art?
      You can take this program using traditional drawing methods, but if you are going digital, we recommend that you already be comfortable with your computer/tablet/iPad and drawing program, as 1-to-1 technical support is not included in this course.

      Curious what drawing programs are our favorites?
      We recommend Adobe Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, or Krita if you have a computer and attached drawing tablet, and the Procreate App along with the Apple Pencil if you have an iPad.

    What We'll Go Over

    Meet your

    Art Instructor

    Sarah Lindsay

    Fine Art and Digital Art Instructor


    Sarah has been a professional artist since 2001, and has been teaching since 2006. Her favorite fine art medium is charcoal and her digital art programs of choice are Adobe Photoshop and the Procreate App.

    Student Reviews

    My granddaughter and I just completed Sarah’s one-week digital art class. We loved the class and appreciated Sarah’s positive and encouraging approach. The course material and presentation were engaging and informative even though we are at different ages and levels of experience. Sarah’s teaching style is clear and well thought out, including the exercises that allowed us to explore Procreate while achieving assigned goals. It was so much fun! Lots of room for creativity and we were both surprised at how wonderful digital art tools are. Sarah presented valuable information in each class covering a wide range of helpful artistic skills while introducing what digital art can do and how it works. We are looking forward to taking more classes with Sarah and highly recommend her as a teacher. We loved her and are so excited about digital art now!
    - Renee & Eisley
    Having Sarah as my instructor was amazing because she is very kind and very lovely. She explains things very, very well, so that everyone can easily understand. She is very encouraging, and kind in explaining – she helps break down things that might look difficult, encouraging me to find the largest shapes first and then break it down further. She is a great instructor, and the class definitely helped my drawing, especially to see the overall shapes in everything. I’m now seeing the shapes to things when I look around me, the circles, rectangles, cylinders, and angles of lines – and how I would start to draw them! I now see things differently, which is very exciting. And also the part where we covered digital color, I loved that part it was really fun. I was not expecting to learn so much!
    - Emily

    Student Agreement

    By registering for this course and initiating the tuition payment, you agree to the following:

    Terms and Conditions

    We are not able to provide refunds since you will have immediate access to content the moment you enroll.

    Using any material from Golden Ratio Academy or Story Xperiential for the purpose of sharing, distributing, selling, or using to create or develop your own classes is not permitted.

    No audio/visual recordings are permitted to be saved, unless the instructor has specifically added these files as attached downloadable files.

    Student Commitment:

    It is your responsibility to purchase suitable equipment or supplies for your lessons.

    You must have suitable basic mobile device or computer knowledge before the commencement of classes. Students must be able to sufficiently navigate their device or computer, access this website, the course lessons, and follow the instructional material within the course. Our courses are not for those brand new to technology.

    Take an active interest in the material studied. You will get returns on the amount of effort you put into your studies.

    Be proactive in developing your skills. While we teach concepts and techniques, your advancement is entirely dependent on the amount of effort you put into putting these into practice.

    Golden Ratio Academy, and your Instructors, have the right to revoke the enrollment of any student who fails to act in a respectful manner towards other students or instructors. Content you post and share must be respectful and dignified or they will be removed. Images depicting nudity, violence, drugs, political statements, or occult topics are not welcome here. This is an academy with students of all ages, some very young, and not the appropriate platform for such topics. We will automatically and immediately revoke access to any student who takes things too far, without refund. 

    This Agreement is subject to the terms and conditions stated here and may be updated at any time.

    By registering for and initiating tuition payment, you agree to these conditions above and to work with your assigned instructor(s).
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