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Students will be sent a' zoom invitation' to join our classes, so watch your email!
The Student Center is now up and running!
Tuesday's live-class students have all received invitation-only first access, so that they can get settled in quickly. Thursday and Friday's classes will receive their invitations by Wednesday. 

As soon as you receive your invitation, click to enroll and submit June's tuition (no later than this Friday, May 20th). Doing so will also unlock your course workbook.

Live Classes:

Tuesday, May 17th, 2022
Thursday, May 19th, 2022
Friday, May 20th, 2022

About the Academy
Do you want to become a professional artist?
We’re a group of artists, with decades of experience in both digital art and traditional mediums – not only that, our team  has university-level instructing experience – and now we’re sharing what we know through online courses and events!
What's Happening Right Now
April & May 2022

We’re marching forward this spring with great big updates to our online academy.

If you’re new here, you’ll see brand new courses become available, over the next little while, on a variety of topics within the themes of Digital Art, Watercolor, Social Media for Professional Artists, and more. We’re also preparing for a very exciting event this August – more information will be announced soon!

If you’re already one of our students, you’ll notice that we have a brand new look and a very much updated website. At the moment, we’re still working on our Student Hub, but you will have access soon. So just hang onto your assignments meanwhile and your instructor will be able to see them soon, when reviewing your workbooks.

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By supporting our academy you’ll be helping countless students develop their skills and express themselves in beautifully creative ways, for a new generation of professional artists. Your support will allow us to offer a wider variety of courses and events, hire support staff, and help us to become an accredited institution, offering both adult education and K-12 online art classes. 

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Events & Programs

How would you like to learn?

Do you prefer to dive into learning at your own pace? Or want to have live access to an instructor to check your practice assignments and progress? Or, do you learn best in a live (online) class setting, with other students joining along with you?  

However you learn best, we want to make it accessible to you. Our courses are (and will be) available in a variety of formats. We’re also working to make our pre-made courses, from our english-speaking instructors, available in spanish.

Pre-made Courses

Premade Courses are great for those who enjoy learning on their own, at their own pace, and on their own schedule. These courses are completely self-directed. You can watch, pause, and replay the lessons at any time.

Hybrid Courses

In our Hybrid Courses, you can go over the lessons on your own time, just as in the pre-made courses - but when you're ready, join the instructor in our Discord space to get live feedback on your work!

Live Courses & Events

Live Courses are taught at a set schedule, with a group of students. Availability for live courses is limited, as it depends on the instructors' schedule and the number of seats available - so you might want to jump at the opportunity whenever these pop up!

Ode 2 Art Courses

Looking for Ode 2 Art courses? Formerly known as the New World School of Art, these special courses are reserved for students enrolled through Ed Salazar's online academy. Sarah Lindsay is available to teach the following O2A courses, based on both demand and her scheduling availability: Bargue Charcoal Drawing, Introduction to Digital Art, and CGI Digital Painting (6 months, 15 months, and 19 month curriculums).

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    Office Hours

    10:00am–4:00pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays (Pacific Time)

    Academy Location

    Our school is entirely online. You can enjoy our classes and instruction anywhere you are!

    Welcome to Golden Ratio Academy

    Do you want to become a professional artist? We’re a group of artists, with decades of experience in digital art, traditional art, and university-level instructing – and now we’re sharing what we know through online courses and events!